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8:15 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast and Exhibition 

9:00 AM

Mexico’s Journey to Visionary Innovation

Lorena Isla, Managing Director, Mexico, Frost & Sullivan

9:05 AM

Lead and Prevail in an Era of Change and Innovation in Mexico

Amb. Mario Chacón Carrillo, Head of Global Business Promotion Unit, ProMéxico

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For years, Mexico has pursued a path towards greater economic openness, focused on the liberalization of international trade and investment flows. Today the country possesses an attractive business environment, legal certainty, one of the largest networks worldwide with 12 trade agreements with a scope of 52 countries, extensively developed economic sectors like manufacture with 43.1%, and the energy sector with 19.4% of the FDI have a highly competitive profile. Thanks to the importance of its industrial production — mainly in manufacturing — and its positioning in global value chains, Mexico meets all the necessary conditions to ride this new wave, which portrays Mexico as an established partner of the world leaders in industrial innovation.

Drawing from the expertise of ProMexico, the federal government agency responsible for coordinating strategies aimed at strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international economy, this session will explore what companies should be doing today — and tomorrow — to be on the crest of growth and innovation.

9:20 AM

2019 and Beyond: The Emerging Political and Economic Landscape

Mario Augusto Correa Martínez, Chief Economist, Scotiabank Mexico

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Insights on the big changes in the global economic and financial framework, some lessons to be learned and some actions to take for countries, firms and individuals. Globalization is on retreat in the world. Raising protectionism and return to populism in many countries poses significant challenges that could only be overcome with a renewed and more advanced form of cooperation by well-informed individuals that will lead firms and organizations through a rapidly changing environment.

• A view into what is happening in the global scene and the forces at play would provide a vantage point of view to create awareness and be better prepared to walk the tough road that lies ahead
• An appreciation of a new breed of Citizens of the World to produce a better future for all, individuals aware of their responsibility in the new strongly interconnected world where we all are heavily interdependent with each other
• An understanding of how firms will increasingly depend on talented leaders able to see beyond the profuse and useless information and find the best point to focus their effort and resources
• Insight into why our “tribe” is no longer the limited space where our fathers interacted with their close ones, our new “tribe” is the world
• The five key ingredients of successful persons in the decades to come

9:50 AM

Navigating Growth, Innovation and Leadership: A Frost & Sullivan Executive Summit

Brian Fitzpatrick, Partner, Frost & Sullivan

10:00 AM

The Trends Driving the Future in Mexico

Ignacio Perrone, Research Manager, Information & Communication Technologies, Latin America, Frost & Sullivan

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With the recent election and the coming years of new leadership for Mexico, how has this changed and influenced the future forces that are shaping the lives of the people of Mexico? This outside in view, powered by fresh cutting edge research will demonstrate the technological issues that will underpin economic growth and innovation. We will discuss the bedrock social forces at play that affect healthcare and urban rejuvenation. Central to the discussion will be an assessment of how Mexico is positioned for the future based on its greatest asset, its people, and the barriers that may or may not exist to realize that future. In this age of rapid digitization, are the government and people of Mexico prepared for the future trends that as a key participant in the global economy they will surely face?

• Specific case examples of companies designing your future and how they go about doing it
• An understanding of the top consumer hardware platform innovations and what this will mean to end users
• Insights on how to integrate these consumer innovations into your business and every day actions
• Proven ways to prepare and plan for this known future. Today!

10:30 AM

Networking, Refreshments, and Exhibition Break 

11:00 AM

Mexico as a Global Innovation Hub

Ignacio Perrone, Research Manager, Information & Communication Technologies Latin America, Frost & Sullivan

Panelists Include:
Juan Cepeda, Director of Strategy, Cisco Mexico
Ariana Gomez Flores, Senior Director, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Visa

Alejandro Gutierrez, Subdirector Business Intelligence & Customer Experience, Telcel
Silvia Patricia Mora Castro, National Director of Technology Transfer Offices Network, Tecnológico de Monterrey

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Commitments to innovation in Mexico are growing at a rapid pace. An aligned effort driven by a focused ecosystem of partners will enable Mexico to gain greater momentum and further capitalize on this foundation. With a partnership network driving a shared vision, find out how Mexico has an opportunity to build a reputation of innovation in the international community.

11:45 AM

Fostering Productive Entrepreneurship Communities: Key Lessons on Generating Jobs, Economic Growth, and Innovation

Enrico Robles Del Rio, CFO & Intelligence Director, Endeavor Mexico

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Since its founding, Endeavor has been interested in understanding how entrepreneurial ecosystems form and grow. Entrepreneurs play a critical role in cities and nations as they create new jobs, generate economic growth, and spread the development of new innovations. When local entrepreneurship communities are productive, their cities and regions are more likely to thrive, but when entrepreneurship communities struggle, cities and regions can become trapped in decline.

• A view into how entrepreneurs reach scale at their companies
• Key findings into how entrepreneurs reach scale in local networks or ecosystem
• Insight into what policymakers, philanthropic leaders, investors, support organizations, and other stakeholders can do to empower more entrepreneurs to reach scale in their communities

12:15 PM

Leveraging Talent and Innovation for Growth

Francisco Tossi, Vice President, Latin America, Frost & Sullivan
Luis Antonio Márquez, Director Center for Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship campus Santa Fe, EGADE Business School

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The World Economic Forum states that “talent, not capital, will be the key factor that relates innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century.” While other countries made a turnaround decades ago to promote innovation and develop talent, Mexico is increasingly being challenged in the knowledge base era. What competencies and skills have to be reinforced in the country? What are the basic pillars to create a more competitive future?

• Insight on how closing the talent gap is unlikely to happen through isolated actions. Instead, stakeholders (Academy, Public and Private Sector) must work in a cohesive, coordinated way, as responsive and responsible leaders in governments and businesses must act and collaborate to expedite change, implementing innovative, experiential and project-based educational approaches
• Guide to how effective labour markets will require active employment policies, to boost competitiveness and job creation. Reforms must also facilitate retraining and mobility in response to market needs
• Tools for how business leaders, facing unprecedented changes in leadership highlighting the importance of collaboration and results over traditional corporate hierarchies and authority, can invest in training to develop, attract and retain talent and ensure the employability of their own staff

12:45 PM

Food for Thought Networking Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders
Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

1:55 PM

Session-to-Session Travel Time

2:00 PM


Take away great ideas and insights from progressive business leaders on opportunities generated from the digital transformation of business and society. engage in interactive exercises to ignite growth ideas.

Choose one of the following concurrent sessions:

TT1. Technology Radar: Seizing Early Adopter and Fast Follower Opportunities for Growth

Frost & Sullivan Insight
2:00pm Key Game Changing Technologies: What You Don’t Know and Should Know by Now

Renato Pasquini, Information & Communication Technologies Research & Consulting Director, Latin America Managing Director, Brazil, Frost & Sullivan

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Digital Transformation represents a defining challenge to many companies today and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT seem like opportunities. But what’s coming next, and are you ready for the latest digital disrupters?

• Insight into new digital technologies that promise to power digital transformation
• Key findings from our latest research into disruptive technologies
• Fresh perspectives on what digital disruptors can do for your organization

Industry Exercise
2:25pm Self Assessment and Scoring on the Frost & Sullivan Digital Maturity Model

Ignacio Perrone, Research Manager, Information & Communication Technologies Latin America, Frost & Sullivan

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To be digitally transformative, it’s business critical to first understand where you are on the digital transformation continuum. Our session will also take you through an abbreviated version of our proprietary Digital Transformation Maturity Self-Assessment tool.

• A proprietary framework to understand where you are on the Digital Transformation Continuum
• A blueprint to point you to where your company needs to be to digitally transform
• Insight about Digital Transformation best practices as well as pitfalls to avoid

Case Study
3:20pm  The Value of Cybersecurity in the Digital Transformation

Gilberto Vicente, Regional Sales Manager – CyberSecurity, Cisco

TT2. From Hybrid to Electric: The 2025 Year Opportunity Landscape

Frost & Sullivan Insight
2:00pm From Hybrid to Electric: The 2025 Opportunity Landscape

Lorena Isla. Managing Director Mexico, Frost & Sullivan

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The Automotive industry is going through a deep transformation in many aspects. Stricter emission regulations, industry scandals and increasing urbanization across the globe are some of the challenges that the Automotive industry needs to address. Join us to examine how technology and market innovation are bringing new opportunities for OEMs to grow in the e-mobility market.

• A perspective of the transformational shifts reshaping e-mobility
• Future outlook of the electric vehicle market in Mexico and Latin America
• Case studies of how companies are spearheading penetration in this market

Case Study
2:30pm Electric Mobility in Mexico – How to Create a Market: The Case of BMW

Oliver Rosenthal, Head of BMWi Mexico & Latin America, BMW

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This presentation will explain BMW´s 360° eMobility approach, which is a lot more than sales. The approach is an integrative strategy embracing all business areas.

Interactive Panel
3:00pm Rising to Today’s Innovation Challenges: Strategic Alliances and Partnering

Lorena Isla, Managing Director Mexico, Frost & Sullivan

Panelists Include:
Francisco Cabeza, Electric Mobility General Manager, ENGIE
Diego Ramirez Vincent, External & Government Affairs Director, Nissan

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A successful strategy for electrification is not only a task for the Automotive Industry. It requires interaction and coordination from different private participants, including companies outside the traditional automotive value chain. Foremost, governments play also a key role in this new ecosystem to drive growth in the electric vehicle markets.

• A view of the market from different participants of this new ecosystem
• Opportunities and challenges to shift from hybrid to electric vehicles in Mexico
• Key aspects of a successful interaction between private and public participants

TT3. Transforming Healthcare Across the Ecosystem

Frost & Sullivan Insight
2:00pm Leading the Change in Emerging Countries’ Healthcare

Rita Ragazzi, Research and Consulting Leader – Transformational Health Latin America, Frost & Sullivan

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Healthcare has been one of the key concerns from economies all over the world. Profound changes are needed in order to realign broad access, quality of care, sustainable costs and efficiency. How can countries and the health industry gain advantage from the tools of the transformational economy that would bring sustainable growth to the healthcare sector?

• Case studies on emerging countries addressing better healthcare access
• Examples of how innovation can be implemented in products, care models and business strategies
• New perspectives on healthcare as an ecosystem in order to create links between industry and providers and payers

Case Study
2:20pm Technology, Connectivity and Collaboration: More Healthcare for All

Cesar Carrasco, Country Manager, Philips

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This session will unpack how technology is addressing some of the key challenges in healthcare, including how both top-notch and public healthcare institutions can leverage smart use/resources and collaborate between healthcare players.

Key Take-Aways:
• A view of technology advancements in clinical decision support, remote monitoring and telemedicine
• Practical case studies on public and private collaboration towards better healthcare in Latam and other countries
• Insight on potential business models that would address Mexico healthcare needs considering new sustainable ways of providing healthcare – doing more with less

Case Study
2:40pm Leveraging Data and Cognitive Insights in Life Sciences and Health Outcomes

Tina Moen, Deputy Chief Health Officer, IBM Watson Health

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This session will review some of the challenges facing clinicians practicing today, including managing the massive amount of information available in a rapidly evolving field. It will then review how clinicians can leverage cognitive computing to glean insights from data and work to improve their decision-making and the care they provide to patients.

• Fresh perspectives on how cognitive computing, data, and insights can aid in clinician decision-making
• Insight on identifying potential ways organizations can leverage technology to advance science and care for patients

Interactive Panel
3:00pm Public and Private Partnerships: Adopting Innovative Business Models to Advance Universal Access to Healthcare

Greg Caressi, Senior Vice President, Transformational Health. Frost & Sullivan

Panelists Include:
Humberto Javier Potes González, General Manager, Consorcio Mexicano de Hospitales (CMH)
Juana Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer, Soluciones Hospitalarias Integrales (SOHIN)
Héctor Sobrino, Director of Health Services and Transformation, AXA Insurance Mexico
Omar Zanela, Access Committee Coordinator, AMID, Health Economics & Market, Access – Senior Manager, Johnson & Johnson

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With the responsibility of providing universal healthcare to the population and with a reduced 6% of the GDP investment in healthcare, the Mexico government, as so many others, cannot address population health needs relying only in public investments. Public Private Partnerships (P3) in healthcare has been proven to be an important ally on boosting business and improving healthcare quality and efficiency to one’s nation.

• Cases studies in which industry, government and payers can benefit by building patient centric partnerships and care models
• A new lens on how private providers can monetize services under P3
• Methodology for applying new business models and innovative patient centric technology partners to create new healthcare business opportunities

TT4. Inspiring Digital Transformation in the Industrial Ecosystem

Frost & Sullivan Insight
2:00pm Digital Maturity Model: Key Steps and Roadmap Towards Digitization of Industrial Operations

Mariano Kimbara, Senior Industry Analyst Industrial Group, Frost & Sullivan

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The transformative potential of digital technologiesis broadly recognized in the competitive marketplace. The scale of opportunity is massive. The vision of the future is bright indeed, however substantial challenges persist in implementing true IIoT systems.Today, the industrial ecosystem is pursuing a future vision that embraces new leadership models, blurred boundaries of opportunities, re-defined rules of engagement and radically new industry structures.

• A digital maturity model
• A roadmap for digital manufacturing
• A guide to vision development
• An assessment of the current state of organizations in adopting digital initiatives
• Insight into the evolving market dynamics of the industrial ecosystem with a new market positioning value
• Identification of a migration path, framework and road map in which industrial organizations can launch a real IIoT transformation journey and build a true connected enterprise of the future with an enhanced customer experience

Case Study
2:30pm Digitization of Industrial Supply Chain

Jose Alfredo Garcia de La Torre, Leader Watson IoT, Mexico, IBM de Mexico

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A real connected enterprise is a more holistic approach than we think so before, moving from plant-specific to broader enterprise-wide efficiency improvements and shifting from linear supply chain operations to more digital connected and end-to-end supply networks. The industry is in a state of change with increasing needs to have an end-to-end view of operations across distribution networks and supply chains. Existing static sequence supply chains are shifting into dynamic and interconnected digital supply networks. This session will introduce lessons learned through case studies highlighting business benefits from a comprehensive digital offering.

Interactive Panel
3:00pm Steering Disruption & Convergence in the Industrial Ecosystem

Mariano Kimbara, Senior Industry Analyst Industrial Group Frost & Sullivan

Panelists Include:
Claude Gobenceaux, Managing Director, Safran Landing Systems
Marisol Menendez, Americas Senior Field Marketing Engineer, National Instruments
Raúl Alarcón, LATAM Strategy Leader, Honeywell Technology Solutions

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It is imperative for manufacturers’ executives to keep track and identify the convergence of the enabling technologies and their new value proposition distributed within the supply chain. Manufacturers must successfully focus on enabling technologies that can accelerate innovation and improve business processes. These technologies – 3D printing, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are forcing companies to rethink their existing business models with new ways to improve profitability and operational resiliency.

• A close analysis of the critical issues faced by the industry and key technology enablers
• Ways of staying at the front of the transformation journey and deliver unique value for global industrial operations
• A thoughtful assessment of the dynamic change of the manufacturing ecosystem with a new market positioning value

3:45 PM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break


4:15 PM

Investing in Diversity to Ignite Innovation and Growth

Lorena Isla, Managing Director, Mexico, Frost & Sullivan

Panelists Include:
Karla Arnaiz, Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Lorena Maqueo, Human Resources Director Mexico LAD, Sherwin-Williams Mexico
Alberto Lira Núñez, Chief Human Resources Officer, Marinsa Oil & Gas 
Patricia Pellicer, Former Latin America Human, Resources Director, McGraw-Hill Education
Isabel Romo, Diversity Engagement Partner – Mexico, IBM
Isabel Suarez, Principal, Heidrick & Struggles (Mexico)

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In today’s complex, disruptive and fast changing environment, invoke the phrase “diversity and inclusion” and word associations unrelated to growth, customer intimacy, or competitive advantage are likely to come to mind. In Mexico City, innovation and growth are prevalent industry characteristics, despite the low numbers of diverse groups in tech and leadership roles. Therein lies the paradox – research shows that diversity is increasingly a growth driver for business, and a critical differentiator for the thriving enterprise. The opportunity: Leaders who understand how to operationalize diversity will be best positioned to successfully ride industry maturity curves, navigate market disruptions, and sustain profitable growth.

• Transform diversity from a compliance objective into a performance tool that drives dynamic growth and strategic agility
• Enable cross-cultural competence as an enterprise capability and avoid the common pitfalls that lead to failed diversity strategies
• Design agile social networks and build cultural ecosystems that induce the alchemy for innovation agility and customercentricity

5:00 PM

Innovating with Purpose: Cities, Business Value and Social Impact

Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Founder, Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Mexico City government

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The future is urban. It is said that by 2050 more than 70% of humanity will be living in cities. This session will explore why citizens, government and organizations can all benefit from companies that closely merge social impact into their business strategies, actively helping create a collective vision for the city to come. Key ideas will be illustrated by examples from Mexico City and beyond.

• Success factors for a socially-driven agenda that makes business sense
• Fresh perspective on how nurturing R&D capabilities and young talent can become an important strategy
• Insight from case studies in Mexico City and beyond

5:30 PM

Advancing Your Digital Readiness

Lorena Isla, Managing Director Mexico, Frost & Sullivan
Mariano Kimbara, Senior Industry Analyst Industrial Group, Frost & Sullivan
Renato Pasquini, Information & Communication Technologies Research & Consulting Director, Latin America Managing Director, Brazil, Frost & Sullivan
Rita Ragazzi, Research and Consulting Leader – Transformational Health Latin America, Frost & Sullivan

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The Mexican industry is undergoing an enormous transformation, resulting from the combination of more agile and innovative players and the intrusion of new technologies in all aspects of the business. As a result, already established market participants have the urgent need to reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive in the face of the threat of new competitors and changes in consumer preferences. Frost & Sullivan industry leaders will share key highlights on how to leverage digital transformation to conquer the manufacturing, healthcare, urban mobility and technology sectors.

5:45 PM

Growth, Innovation and Leadership Networking Reception

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