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Participation in the annual meeting is by-invitation only and restricted to Council Members. As a member of the Council, you’ll be part of a select group of leaders and visionaries accelerating transformational growth and in person and virtual discussions throughout the year.


5:00 PM

Growth Innovation Leadership Council Registration & Mixer

6:00 PM

Growth Innovation Leadership Council Meeting

Speaker: Richard Sear, Partner & Senior Vice President: Visionary Innovation, Frost & Sullivan

8:00 PM

Growth Innovation and Leadership Cocktail Reception


This must attend event is your opportunity to innovate, grow and thrive amidst today’s digital disruption. Designed to provide clarity on big picture issues, Growth, Innovation and Leadership: A Frost & Sullivan Executive Summit will provide the insight to fuel sustainable top-line revenue growth, create customer value and develop long-term competitive advantage.


8:00 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, Exhibition & Networking

8:40 AM


Speaker: Juan Carlos Prieto Williams, Master of Ceremonies

8:45 AM

Mexico City, a Global Competitor

Speaker: Fadlala Akabani Hneide, Secretary of Economic Development, Govermment of Mexico City

9:15 AM

Navigating the 4th Annual GIL Mexico 2019 Summit

Speaker: Brian Fitzpatrick, Partner, SVP & General Manager of Events, Frost & Sullivan

9:30 AM

Mega Trend Compass: Top 12 Transformational Trends to Drive Decision-Making Through 2030

Speaker: Richard Sear, Partner & SVP of Visionary Innovation, Frost & Sullivan

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Companies often overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will happen in the next 10 years. Consolidation is inevitable across most industries that leverage digital technologies in multiple market segments. If companies are to thrive amid rapid transformation, they must reorient the relationships between society, government, and the way we do business. The ability to understand these global Mega Trends and key transformative themes and their impact on human lives over the next decade allows companies to better prepare for a future of growth.

In this session, Frost & Sullivan Futurists will discuss the 12 transformational themes emerging from our universe of Mega Trends along with real-world scenarios. We will also cover the implications and outcomes of these transformations across industries and business types.

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to effectively approach these points of disruption and outline a mechanism to act.
  • The core trends that will drive opportunities over the next decade.
  • The tools that translate trends into optimal growth potential.
  • How companies can embrace trends as innovation fuel to drive new ideation and support existing initiatives.

10:00 AM

A Leadership Roadmap for Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation

Javier Cordero, CEO, Red Hat Mexico

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This case study focuses on successful digital transformation while revealing the main challenges faced by the organization’s leadership in various key strategic areas from strategic planning, customer understanding, business model redesign to the collaborative relationship between the CEO and the CIO.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Highlight the main success factors as well as the biggest challenges to digital transformation.
  • Identify the organizational pathway to align the organization for change.
  • Discuss the strategic, leadership and talent decision-making process.

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

The Future of Work in the Era of Automation

Arantxa Riveros del Castillo,
Director of Digital Inclusion Centers, Undersecretary of Communications & Technology Development, Secretariat of Communications and Transportation
Lorena Isla, Managing Director, Mexico, Frost & Sullivan

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The Government of Mexico seeks to increase the country’s competitiveness through the development of new talent and new skills of the workforce in all industrial sectors. It’s expected that Mexico faces and overcomes the challenges posed by the growing trend of automation systems, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in the Mexican advanced manufacturing sector.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Understand the strategic decisions to attract and retain new talent.
  • Identify the mechanisms to re-train current workforce.
  • Learn how public policy can enable the skills required for the future of work.

11:30 AM

The Economy of Experience and Privacy

Moderator: Juan González, Director of Research Latin America ICT, Frost & Sullivan

Alejandro Gutiérrez
, Deputy Director of Business Intelligence & Customer Experience, Telcel
Fernando Medellín, Director of Digital Channels, Global Liquidity & Cash Management, HSBC México
Veronica Lumbreras, Vice President, Genesys Mexico

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Under the new disruption, we are not only experiencing a change of the business cycle. We are deeply immersed in an economic, political and social restructure. This session, experts seek to highlight the main elements of a successful transformation into high-quality Customer Experience.

Key Take-Aways:

  • The discussion will provide important recommendations on how to achieve a competitive advantage base on creating unique customer experiences, while considering the increasing importance of privacy and cybersecurity.
  • Understand the importance of business model redesign in order successfully deliver strong value propositions.
  • Explore how digital technologies are enabling personalization and customer-centric strategies.

12:15 PM

Global Competitiveness Based on Innovation

Moderator: Ignacio Perrone, Research Director ICT, Frost & Sullivan

Juan Antonio Cepeda
, Director of Strategy & Planning, Cisco Mexico
Héctor Nava, CIO, RCI Latin America

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This panel seeks to hold a conversation on how global factors impact regional and local markets and identify innovation as a critical factor to grow in increasing competitive economies.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Discuss business Best practices to develop a workforce focused on innovation.
  • Analyze the options to develop innovations that quickly respond to global, regional and local dynamic environments in constant change.
  • Discuss the relationship between technological development, talent and processes to stimulate innovation.

1:00 PM

Food for Thought Networking Luncheon
Room: La Terraza
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The discussion about the most relevant topics of the day continue during the luncheon designed to promote conversation and networking among participants, speakers and Frost & Sullivan’s experts.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Excellent moment to personalize the discussion with current colleagues.
  • Perfect opportunity to meet new and valuable contacts.
  • Consider hosting a full table with key contacts under the Capitan’s Table.

2:30 PM


Interaction Zones are roundtable sessions designed to capture all participant’s voices, insights, ideas and experiences through a guided group discussion to explore specific topics. Each zone is divided in three subtopics. A Frost analyst will guide each zone as well as each of the three tables discussing each subtopic in the overall theme of GIL Mexico 2019, The Future of Business. Attendees will have the opportunity to select the zone of interest upon registration.

Room: Don Americo

1. Perspective, Analysis and Trends
Richard Sear,
Partner & SVP of Visionary Innovation, Frost & Sullivan

2. Case Studies
The Challenge of Digital Transformation: Connectivity, Privacy and Cybersecurity
Gilberto Vicente
, Director of Cybersecurity, Cisco Mexico

Data Monetization & Product Innovation: Aligning Business Strategies to Innovation
Daniel Casados, Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, Ministry of Economy (SE)

Driving Business Model Innovation at Scale
Carlos RomeroBusiness Development & Channels IBS LATAM, Thales

3. MindXchange Panel

Organizational transformation demands companies to align their strategic vision to digital technology trends, such as AI, analytics, cybersecurity, IoT and ubiquitous high-speed mobile connectivity, among others. Companies will need to adapt to the evolution of leadership and the growing importance of digital disruption in all markets and all segments. Today, companies are facing new challenges in product and service innovation where business models and strategies most be redesigned within a digital context.

  • The Challenge of Digital Transformation: Connectivity, Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Data Monetization & Product Innovation: Aligning Business Strategies to Innovation
  • Driving  Business Model Innovation at Scale
Room: Don Genaro

1. Perspective, Analysis and Trends:
Juan González,
Research Director ICT, Frost & Sullivan

2. Case Studies:
Artificial Intelligence as an Enabler for Product Discovery and Innovation in Service
Karina Alarcón, Partner Development Manager, Google Assistant Mexico

Gaining Customer Centricity through the Power of 5G and Mobile Strategies
Ricardo Anaya, Product Sr. Manager, Qualcomm

Bradesco: Customer Experience Major Improvement Using a Comprehensive Cognitive Approach
Jorge Colín
, Cognitive Business Decision Support Lead, IBM

3. MindXchange Panel

Consumers are becoming more diverse, more informed and are comparing brands based on expectations created by their experience in multiple categories. This zone focuses on some key areas to revolutionize customer engagement and customer experience through Personalization with data-centric strategies. Marketing will need to dive into data analytics to communicate business goals with technological stakeholders. Personalization is a strategy to be always on, in real time and one-on-one communication throughout the consumer journey.

  • Gaining Customer Centricity through the Power of 5G and Mobile Strategies
  • Driving growth by putting personalization at the center of your marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence Enabler for Product Discovery and Innovation in Service
Room: Doña Socorro

1. Perspective, Analysis and Trends:
Ignacio Perrone
, Research Director ICT, Frost & Sullivan

2. Case Studies
Workforce of the Future: The Hot Skills Companies Will need
Jaime Martínez Bowness,
Director, EGADE Business Schools

Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining a Workforce for the Future
Raúl Alarcón,
Sr. Engineering Manager, Honeywell Technology Solutions

Increasing Operational Efficiency and Excellence in Innovation
Juanita Ordoñez
, Education Industry Manager, Google Mexico

3. MindXchange Panel

Today is clearly important to rewire business strategies in order for leaders to be able to spot disruptive competitors, identify important changes in the competitive landscape and become increasingly innovative. Customer relationships are redefining the business models of the future, while digital technologies enable operational efficiency and the workforce deliver on strategies. The Workforce of the Future means leaders must promote career-long training to maintain the company’s capability to adapt to fast-paced change. Beyond adapting technology, today’s leader must identify, cultivate and retain the necessary talent to thrive in an era of disruption.

  • Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining a Workforce for the Future
  • Increasing Operational Efficiency and Excellence in Innovation
  • Workforce of the Future: The Hot Skills Companies Will Need

4:00 PM


4:30 PM

The Challenges of the Labor Market in Mexico: A Policy Perspective

Speaker: Alejandro Encinas NájeraDirector of the Labor Policy and Institutional Affairs Unit, Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS)

5:00 PM

Doing Well by Doing Good: A New Corporate Governance Benchmark

Moderator: Juan Carlos Prieto Williams, Master of Ceremonies

Alejandro Mora Gaytán
, Executive Council, Mexican Association of Human Resources Directors (AMEDIRH)
Joaquin A. Avila, Deputy Director of Occupational Safety and Health Regulation, Secretariat of Labor & Social Welfare
María Ramírez Cabrera, Director of Compliance, Telefónica Móviles México

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This debate focuses on the need for organizations of all sizes to consider a corporate governance and social responsibility vision and strategy in order to contribute to a positive social impact and strengthen these important pillars for economic development.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Identify the new social challenges faced by corporations in an increasingly regulated economy.
  • Discuss the benefits of implementing socially responsible programs.
  • Highlight the main pillars to improve a company’s community affairs strategy.

5:30 PM

Are You Future Proof? Lead the Transformation from Your Level of Digital Maturity

José Marcel Tam Málaga, Vice President of Digital Transformation, Softtek

6:00 PM

Think Creatively to Innovate and Facilitate Transformation

Speaker: Brian Fitzpatrick, Partner, SVP & General Manager of Events, Frost & Sullivan

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Digital Transformation is not only a temporary shift of the economy. Today, we are facing a complete restructuring of our economic, social, business and political landscape. Strategy is the main driver of transformation, not technologies. Today, we are not only experimenting a change in the business cycle, but rather we are living a profound transformation of our political, social and economic cycle. Incumbents are being threaten in different areas by different types or companies not typically seen as direct competitors. Bold movers are utilizing digital technologies to redefine business models and leadership perspective, but most importantly the agile, fast and adaptable companies are redefining how to deliver more value to customers.


6:15 PM



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